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Africa is the second largest continent in the world blessed with many natural resources, beautiful, exotic land and seascapes and a rich cultural heritage.

However, Africa is also known as the poorest continent in the world and the home to millions of dying children living without the hope to see the glory of a new dawn. These children are exposed to the ill effects of malnutrition, diseases, war and trafficking to mention but a few. Reports show that:
One in eight African babies (about 3.1 million infants) is born underweight each year
About 120 000 African children participate in armed conflicts, some as young as seven years old.
Nearly two million children under 14 years are HIV positive.
There are an estimated 80million African child workers forced into slavery, prostitution, drug trade and other criminal activities.
The figures are staggering and the fact still remains that African children have the worst chances of survival in the world!
This is where we come in.
An Ethopian proverb says “when spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion”.
Together, we can exorcise the unfavourable conditions our children are forced to live in. We have the ability to turn these facts around. We can make a differencein the lives of these young ones.
MAKE A DIFFERENCE AFRICA campaign is the first key initiative of the Inspire Africa foundation focused on inspiring the African child. It aims to support and make the world a better place for our children. Its belief is that we can achieve a lot if we work together and it is born from the fact that Africa has so much to offer. The key activities and events within the “make a difference campaign” include:
  1. Benefit concerts
  2. Sponsored walks for Africa
  3. The publishing of a collection of 100 inspirational stories from Africa
  4. The publishing of a collection of children’s books
  5. The Designer’s Outlet
Imagine a world filled with happy, well catered for and educated children. Think how far a little participation from every one of us, big and small, can go.

Imagine the smiles on the faces of our children, the glow in their eyes and the laughter we could put in their voices. The little we do can cause a major difference in their lives. After all, the children are the future of our tomorrow.
Together, we believe that we can make a difference!