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One of the major events of the Make a Difference Africa campaign organised by the Inspire Africa Foundation is the sponsored walks for Africa that will be held in select locations like Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and London.

The aim of these walks is to help inspire/support an African child through the funds raised during these walks. The funds will be used to help millions of helpless and hopeless African children live a better life.
We will appeal to people, big and small, to join in these walks and support our goal. It will also be a lovely time to spend with friends, family and colleagues. Bear in mind that millions of other people around the world will also be walking with you at different locations for the same cause.
Why you have to be a part of this cause:
  • You will be assisting this project to put a smile on the face of an African child by your contribution either through sponsorship or through the funds raised from the purchase of the merchandise that will be sold during the walks 
  • Walking is an enjoyable form of exercise
  • You will also get the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends!
Remember that your contribution will go a long way in helping the underprivileged children of Africa. Your support is very important to us.
Specified dates and venue will be announced in the coming weeks/months.