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To celebrate the launch of the Inspire Africa Foundation Project, Inspire Africa will publish a collection of 100 inspirational stories from Africa to be made available for
sale in book stores worldwide. The funds raised through the sales will be channelled
into the Make A Difference Africa campaign to inspire and support an African child.
  Our continent needs a platform and an anchor through which our untold stories of
success and achievement can be told and heard to encourage us as a continent,
motivate us into action, educate, inform and guide our decision making, enabling
us to celebrate our successes and most importantly to make us proud of our heritage
individually and collectively. It is time to portray the Africa never seen by many and
it is our joint responsibility as Africans to portray a view that showcases our victories,
our achievements, our successes and even our challenges.
  Therefore, through the Make A Difference Africa campaign organised by the
Inspire Africa foundation we will invite Africans from within and outside Africa by
direct mail and through our website to participate in forwarding stories to us
along the following lines:


Are you an inspiration to others? If yes, how?
Has someone inspired you? If yes, who and how?
Do you know someone that has achieved against the odds? If yes, who and how?
Do you know of an ordinary person doing extraordinary things? If yes, who and how?
Do you have a story to share to enable us celebrate and reward success? If yes, what is your story?
  A distinguished panel adhering to strict guidelines and criteria will assess eligibility for selection of appropriate stories for the publication of a collection of 100 inspirational stories from Africa or their suitability as guests on the Inspire Africa Talk Show, Africa’s biggest talk show aired to a pan African audience. Participants will be invited to tell their story in approximately 3000 words to be sent to Inspire Africa Limited by email, fax or post by an agreed deadline date.