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  The Foundation  

 Inspire Africa is the brain child of Nigerian business woman and role model Mo Abudu. Inspire Africa has been created as Africa’s first edutainment company. It is a company designed to inspire, educate, motivate and entertain.

Inspire Africa is about creating credible media driven platforms through which we can engage ourselves and the world to achieve effective and lasting change in our continent in the areas of leadership, entrepreneurship, education, health, development and empowerment.

The anchor project of Inspire Africa is the Moments with Mo; a daily talk show programme hosted by Mo Abudu and aired on MNet across 48 African countries and to be aired on Free to Air channels by the end of 2008.
The Inspire Africa Foundation is the human investment arm of Inspire Africa. It is where we give back to the society. The role and work of Inspire Africa would not be complete if we did not do something tangible to meet Africa at her point of need. Having engaged ourselves and the world, we as Africans must become actively involved in creating the change that we want.
Whereas we appreciate the help that we have received thus far from the developed world, UN agencies, donor agencies and philanthropists, the time has now come for Africa and Africans to play a more active role in harnessing our resources to help our own.
Our founder, Mo Abudu has said that “Inspiration propels vision and great vision propels action”.
At Inspire Africa we are obsessed by this one fact:  vision alone is not enough. We must DO something.